Sunday, August 2, 2009 - CD Prices - CD Prices: "CD PRICES
The RIAA talks about how the costs have risen since the invention of the CD player in 1983 (I could have sworn it was earlier than that). They talk about consumer price index and cost of living increases to point out the cost of a CD are inexpensive comparatively. Using their numbers of a price of 12.75 in 1996 to 17.99 ( my number) that's a 41% price increase in 5 years.

Now then, in the same period, the cost of mid range CD Players have come down from around $400 dollars, to around $100 for a single disc machine the costs of the technology, have come way down.

In 1993 cheapest CDR recorder you could purchase was about $4500, yes $4500! Today the cost of a top of the line CDR recorder is under $200. Do the math, (of course the RIAA will have to hire a bank of high priced accountants and CD prices will rise again) CDR Prices have gone from $20 EACH to less than $1.00.

You be the judge.."

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