Thursday, November 26, 2009

MPAA Says: Don't Like Global Fascism? Go Fuck Yourself!

Yup! That's right folks: If you think the idea of world government sucks ass and that people should at least have a say in deciding what laws we should impose upon ourselves, well... Go Fuck Yourself! You Hate Hollywood!!! And ya know what else, You're an ungreatful, unpatriotic communist bed wetter who support international terrorism!!! You Bastards!!!! Argh!!!

And so there it is. I hate Hollywood! Forget about the so called great propaganda they produce there for just a moment... I don't hate Detroit simply because some really crappy cars are made there year after year after year. I might hate the fucknuts at Ford or Chevy or whatever, but surely not Detroit!!! Rock City? No fuckin' way man! Hollywood? Give me a fuckin' break. Fuck Hollywood. Nothin' there but a bunch of smack shootin' crack tootin' baby rapin' video tapin' ass whores lookin for no good, if you ask me... Fuck em!!! The whole three lots left of em...

That's my response to this article: MPAA Says Copyright-Treaty Critics Hate Hollywood Threat Level

There's got to be a better way of protecting intellectual property rights!!! And I think I've got the answer, start thinking for yourself and tell thsse fucking idiots to go fuck themselves in the ass three times daily... Turn off your TV!!! for god's sakes!!! Pretty soon, they'll think they have the intellectual rights to the whole of the English language or Spanish or perhaps French. Fuck it, The MPAA has dibs on every form of communication that could possibly take place between human beings, between mamal and foul, between fish and bait. Go fucking figure!!!

But I oh how I do love copyleft, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and all the other blessed bands muckraking the fuck out of this shit. Without them, we might sereously never know anything about anything ever again. On account of, We The Peoople don't seem to matter anymore... We are the enemy!!! Well I say, fuck that!
Public Knowledge, a “copyleft” lobbying group who has seen the unfinished
treaty’s text, blasted Glickman’s comment, which comes weeks after the MPAA
urged the Federal Communications Commission to support internet
filtering of unauthorized copyrighted material.
“We do want to make certain that the rights of internet users are not
trampled by overwhelming government power asserted at the behest of a single special interest,” Gigi Sohn, Public Knowledge’s president, said in a statement. She added that it is “inappropriate to ask ISPs and application designers to do what the studios themselves have found impossible to do: manage security to prevent all illegal copying.”
Along with Public Knowledge, the movie studios, internet providers, electronics companies and lawyers for the recording industry have been given access to the text of the treaty that has not finalized. We’ve asked many of them to provide details, but confidentiality agreements with the Obama administration forbid that.
While Glickman would do well by apologizing for his George W.
Bush-style “With us or against us” smearing of his debate opponents, we applaud his call to unwind the secrecy surrounding the accord.


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